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Compassionate Ottawa has successfully completed a two-year project which provides three new community education resources designed to raise awareness of end-of-life issues and prompt people to prepare for giving and getting help in later life.

The first resource, called Digital Stories, contains 7 short videos that share a personal experience of someone giving or getting help.  Also included is a Leader’s Guide for small group discussions.

The second resource, Book Chats, provides a guide for reading and discussing the book “Talking about Death Won’t Kill You” by Dr. Kathy Kortes Miller

The final resource describes the Compassionate Ottawa story through a short Video, an accompanying Handbook and a Discussion Guide which can be used in initiating a discussion about becoming a compassionate community.

All three resources underwent an evaluation process to assess their effectiveness.  Participants in the pilot studies reported that the resources were effective in stimulating group discussion and thinking about important issues.  The Canadian Frailty Network provided financial support for the project which was matched by community partners and funders.

The project resources can be accessed at the Compassionate Ottawa website using the following link:

World Compassionate Communities Day in Ottawa
An Evening with Dr. Allan Kellehear

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