Compassionate Ottawa

A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals, their families and their communities throughout life for dying and grieving well.

What is New?

Call for volunteers with teaching background: Compassionate Ottawa is partnering with the two French school boards in Ottawa to work on a project that will serve to build shared language for school communities on topics of death, dying, loss and grief. Please note that the ability to work in English and French would be essential. Thank you for your interest in Compassionate Ottawa.


The state of palliative care in Canada

The Canadian Institute for Health Information published a new report about palliative care in Canada. You can find more information by clicking the button below.

Upcoming ACP workshop events

Are you interested in learning about Advance Care Plans and why it is important for you to have one? If so, please consider joining us for one of our ACP workshop events coming up this year! 

You can find information about our upcoming events on the Events page of this website, or by clicking on the button below.


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If you would like to support the Compassionate Ottawa initiative please complete the OutCare Foundation form and select Compassionate Ottawa from the drop down menu under "Fund". Your donation will go towards supporting our initiatives for advance care planning, workplaces, schools, and faith communities, as described in our priorities page.  We thank you in advance for considering to make a donation to Compassionate Ottawa.