The ending of the global pandemic, which has had a dramatic effect on our city, is getting closer. A new time is upon us as we reflect on the losses we have lived through and the new hope we seek for a refreshed and restored city. Reconnecting with family, friends and community is energizing our desire for social connection. We seek to replace fear with empathy and compassion.

At Compassionate Ottawa, we believe that the time approaches to bring the citizens of Ottawa together to:

  • Remember and honour those we have lost.
  • Thank those who helped us get through a hard time.
  • Reflect on what we have learned during this pandemic.
  • Imagine a hopeful future.

We are envisioning city-wide event(s) in the spring of 2022 to affirm our shared intent to support those who have faced loss and sadness, to appreciate the extraordinary efforts of so many, and to encourage all the people of Ottawa to celebrate a hopeful future.

Watch this page for regular updates and progress reports.

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