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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals at any age, their families and their communities to live well and die and grieve well.

Conversations and Advance Care Planning

Through its focus on conversations and advance care planning, Compassionate Ottawa encourages all of us to think about what we might want for ourselves at the end of our life, support loved ones to think about an advance care plan and to care for each other.  Compassionate Ottawa’s program of conversations and Advance Care Planning workshops emphasise reflection and communication, supported by good information and resources.



Interested in organizing a workshop?

Would your condo group, social group, book club, community association or senior’s group like to learn more about conversations and advance care planning? We offer workshops via Zoom. These workshops are interactive and will guide you through exploring values, wishes and beliefs, and starting conversations.  You will receive resources that can help you after the workshop. Our volunteers are experienced advance care planning facilitators. Contact us to book a workshop.


Vous souhaitez organiser un atelier?

Est-ce que votre groupe de copropriétaires, groupe social, club de lecture, association communautaire ou groupe d’ainés aimerait en savoir davantage au sujet des conversations liées à la planification préalable des soins? Nous offrons des ateliers en virtuel avec Zoom. Ces ateliers sont interactifs et on vous y guidera dans l’exploration des valeurs, des souhaits et des croyances ainsi que sur la manière  d'amorcer des conversations. Vous recevrez une liste de ressources qui peuvent vous être utiles après l’atelier. Nos bénévoles sont des animateurs d’expérience en matière de planification préalable des soins. Communiquez avec nous pour réserver un atelier.

Looking to attend a workshop?

Check out our events page to find a full list of upcoming virtual workshops. We hope to see you there!

You can also sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to workshops and other Compassionate Ottawa events.

Vous aimeriez participer à un atelier?

Vous trouverez une liste complète des ateliers virtuels à venir sur notre page d’activités. Nous espérons vous y rencontrer!

Vous pouvez également vous abonner à notre liste de diffusion afin de recevoir un avis de la tenue d’ateliers et des autres activités de Compassion Ottawa.


Resources / Ressources


Guide - Conversations - English

A complete guide to how to have conversations about your wishes, values and beliefs with your substitute decision maker(s). Click here to view the guide.



Guide - Conversations - Français

Un guide complet sur la manière d'avoir des conversations sur vos souhaits, vos valeurs et vos croyances avec votre ou vos mandataires pour vos soins personnels. Cliquez ici pour consulter le guide.


About Conversations and ACP


Trained community facilitators will introduce you to one of the most important conversations of your life. They will invite you to reflect on your values, wishes and beliefs relating to future care, and encourage you to learn more about the kind of care you’d like. The conversations might lead to a more in depth Advance Care Planning workshop where you will think about who will speak for you about your care if you are unable to do so yourself, and get resources to take home for  your own use after the workshop.

Why are we doing this?

Statistics tell us that under 25% of us have prepared a plan for our future care and shared it with others. Many of us haven’t yet talked with our family about our wishes, values and hopes. Through conversations leading to a plan, you can describe what kind of care you would like from health care providers and as importantly, from your family, friends, and community. You can review your plan and change it as your situation changes, and share it with the person who will speak on your behalf. Remember, only a small amount of your care will come from the health care system. The rest will come from those around you. That is why it is wise that your wishes, values and beliefs are talked about and that you tell others what kind of care you would like at the end of your life.


Our approach


Small and large groups of friends, members of a faith community, people who use a community or fitness centre, or attend a community health centre or resource centre, and any other group can gather for a conversation, perhaps followed by an ACP workshop. Facilitators will introduce the conversation with their own stories and encourage participants to share personal experiences. They will provide ideas about how to begin conversations with family or others, give important information about choosing someone to speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself, and encourage questions about end of life care in Ontario.

For more information

If you would like to know more about our Conversations and Advance Care Planning focus, share your ideas or experiences with us, or are interested in organizing a workshop, please contact us at

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