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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals, their families and their communities throughout life for dying and grieving well.

$1.5m grant for Palliative Care Unit – La Trobe University

Equities Trustees (The Wicking Trust) will provide $1.5million over five years to the LTUPCU to help it build on its foundational work in developing public health approaches to palliative care. Established under the terms of the Will of the late John Oswald Wicking, The Wicking Trust supports organisations to effect systemic change in wellness and…

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Meeting with MPP Joel Harden

We are so pleased to have had a meeting with MPP Joel Harden to discuss Compassionate Ottawa and our vision of creating a compassionate community that supports and empowers individuals, their families and their communities throughout life for dying and grieving well. Pictured here are Jackie Holzman, CO co-founder; Joel Harden, MPP; and Jack McCarthy,…

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Who will care for Canada’s caregivers?

by Benjamin Tal. You see it on city streets, in restaurants of quiet towns, and in rural enclaves: Canadians are getting older. Medical advances have resulted in longer life spans, but the aging population is putting a strain on social services and increasingly, the burden of caregiving is falling on family members. Statistics show that…

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What to Say (and What Not to Say) to Someone Who’s Grieving

by David Pogue Do you laugh when someone’s grocery bag bursts? Do you find yourself stealing cabs? Have you shouted at puppies? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have Empathy Deficit Disorder. For this Crowdwise, I asked you to recount some helpful things people said or did when you were…

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If you can’t speak for yourself, who will make your medical decisions?

by Noam Berlin. “Have you thought about how you want to spend the last years, days and hours of your life? Have you talked about those wishes with anyone? I know my father’s wishes: If he had a terminal illness, he would want comfort, not time. Incurable cancer, severe stroke, massive heart attack? No drawn-out…

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Busing: How we can truly support those facing death or grieving over loss

Living well and dying well are what we all hope for. As we face dying and death, we need all the support we can get. It comes from many places, but we all know about the challenges associated with crowded emergency departments, the wait for hospital beds, the inadequate number of community placements, the stress…

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Few Canadians have early access to home palliative care: study

Following the recent study done by CIHI, an article in Global News by Katherine Ward recounts the story of Anya Humphrey’s struggle with palliative care options and how she feels it affected her family. “Anya Humphrey’s century old home is filled with countless happy family memories. ‘He was a natural born photographer,’ she said as she…

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Access to Palliative Care in Canada

Brought to us by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. “Canadians are living longer, but they are not always living better. For many people, living longer means a struggle with poor health caused by chronic conditions, degenerative diseases or cancer. Thanks to improved medical treatments, declines in health are now more gradual, but this can…

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A Framework for Palliative Care

Palliative care affects Canadians of all ages, and while it is not only needed for the elderly, we know there are now more seniors than children in Canada. This demographic is changing the face of Canadian society and adding new policy needs at all levels of government. The gaps in palliative care can and must…

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