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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals at any age, their families and their communities to live well and die and grieve well.

The Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program is launching a Loss and Hope Photo Challenge with a chance to win one of two Indigo gift cards of $100!

Since the pandemic began more than a year ago, we have all faced numerous losses: the deaths of loved ones, being apart from family and friends, unemployment, postponed weddings, and the loss of certainty.

Yet the pandemic has also brought reasons for hope. We have seen the kindness of people reaching out to those who are isolated. We have seen the resiliency of frontline workers. We have seen the genius of scientists as they develop new treatments and vaccines.

To enter, participants must:

1. Submit two original digital photos by April 30, 2021. One photo of any losses or grief you've experienced during the pandemic, and one photo of the things that give you hope. Both photos can be edited into one image or you can submit them as two photos.

2. Write a brief description of what your photos mean to you (maximum 50 words). Also, at the end of the description, let us know what organization you are associated with and any hashtags you would like us to use when we post your photos.

3. Send photos and photo descriptions as a message on our Facebook or as a Direct Message on our Instagram. Participants can also email their photos and photo descriptions to


Participants have the chance to win one of two $100 Indigo gift cards. Winners will be randomly selected from qualifying entries.

Winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and by email.


Photos must be submitted by April 30, 2021.


Photographic entries must be original material and must not have been a winner in any other contest. ​


It is your responsibility to ask for consent from the subject(s) in the photos and you agree that they have provided permission for you to share their image publicly.


The Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program reserves the right to use any of the images and descriptions entered in the competition, including in our emails, social media, and website. By entering and participating in the challenge, you consent to the use of your photograph, descriptions, and name by the challenge for promotional use, during or after the challenge closing date.


We will not accept photographic entries that are offensive and we reserve the right to disqualify, in our sole discretion, any photographic entries that contain, for example, racist, hateful, sexist, or homophobic content.

If you'd like more information on how to submit your photo and description to us on Instagram or Facebook, please click here for instructions.

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