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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals at any age, their families and their communities to live well and die and grieve well.

By Compassionate Ottawa, published in the Ottawa Business Journal on October 12, 2020.

"This pandemic has affected everyone. Every aspect of our life seems to have been disrupted. The workplace is a key area in which significant changes have occurred and will continue to evolve. For many, home has become the principal place of work with new challenges and issues emerging.

"Employees are anxious to know what the 'new normal' may look like. How do I continue to juggle working from home and cope with challenging child care responsibilities? If I return to work, how will I be able to stay safe while still interacting with my colleagues? How do I speak of my ongoing fears for my own and my family members’ health and well being? How do I tell others of my personal difficulties: the death of a loved one, the ongoing anxiety of looking after my frail and aging parents, the uncertainty of my career and the goals I had set? How will I respond to someone else’s difficult experiences?

"As individuals continue to cope with changes in their work life and their place of work, employers need to provide new and different supports for their employees. They will be looking for resources and ideas that address emerging areas of change in their organizations. One of the keys to providing support is simple, but not necessarily easy to achieve: communications and conversations. How to communicate understanding and support and how to initiate difficult conversations with employees who may have experienced deep personal losses."

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