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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals at any age, their families and their communities to live well and die and grieve well.

by Dr. Nick Busing, via

"COVID-19 has highlighted the need for all of us to live in a compassionate community.

The pandemic has been devastating for so many individuals and their families. There have been tragic losses despite the heroics of our healthcare workers and other essential staff. Too many of these losses have been made worse when neither the patient nor family were prepared. This has led to more emotional and psychological harm than was necessary. Anxiety levels among caregivers have escalated.

The compassionate community movement begun by Dr. Allan Kellehear incorporates a public health approach to end-of-life issues and promotes the principles of community development. The compassionate community movement is taking hold in Canada (having begun in the United Kingdom, followed by Australia and New Zealand)) and incorporates the Compassionate City Charter."

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