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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals, their families and their communities throughout life to live well and to die and grieve well.

Photo by US NAVY via Reuters. Article by Dr. Michael Wong via the Ottawa Citizen.

"As we look towards the future, what will be the legacy of COVID-19? Experience has always been our teacher. We learned to make vaccines from smallpox. We learned first-hand the importance of personal protective equipment from SARS. We learned to use harm reduction to save lives with the ongoing opioid epidemic. We learned to promote widespread sex education after HIV/AIDS.

"Now, COVID-19 is robbing both young and old of the strength to breathe. It is ravaging seniors’ and long-term care homes but also disabling and killing young adults. So, increasingly, Canadians of all ages are learning to talk about death and serious illness."

To read the full article on the Ottawa Citizen website, click here. 

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