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A compassionate Ottawa supports and empowers individuals, their families and their communities throughout life to live well and to die and grieve well.

Photo by Christinne Muschi/Reuters. Article by Sandra Martin.

"Back in the naïve days of early March, I bristled when the adult children of a widowed friend threatened to pack her off to the countryside to wait out the pestilence. I could feel the generational tectonic plates shifting in favour of a cohort of kids whose diapers I used to change.

"'Why are people your age treating us like toddlers, who are incapable of making decisions for ourselves?' I demanded of a 40ish venture capitalist, with as much umbrage as I could muster while maintaining physical distance in a freezing cold park as the wind howled around my ears and thunder clouds scudded overhead.

“'Because you raised us that way,' was the quick retort."

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